The classic rock n’ roll look: Save up to £250 on these awesome Marshall bluetooth speakers


Want to add that classic, vintage rock n’ roll look to your music-listening experience? Well now you can save up to £90 a variety of awesome Marshall bluetooth speakers throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday – but this is your last chance.

For a very limited time as part of Black Friday, the Marshall M-ACCS-10126 Acton Speaker has had its price slashed from £230 to just £139 on Amazon. That’s a massive saving of £91.

Made by the legendary guitar amp company, this speaker comes with that classic and iconic look – available in both black and white. It’s got all of that history, crisp sound and power but compact, with bluetooth capabilities, and a mighty bass tone.

Writing about the Marshall Acton II, Trusted reviews hailed its “powerful and well-balanced sound, backed by an app that allows for manual adjustments to suit your tastes”.

They added: “With plenty of power and balance in the sound, backed by app support for manual tuning, this is a standout speaker that justifies its price.”

If you want a little more power, then for a very limited time you can also save a massive £73.48 and pick up the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker for just £189.99.


Marshall – Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

“The Marshall Stanmore is a solid multiroom speaker; it’s more flexible and ‘hands-on’ than a Sonos Play:5, demonstrating well how the Marshall brand has evolved over the years,” wrote Trusted Reviews. “Plus, its aesthetic execution is just as good as any other premium wireless speaker.

Marshall Woburn

Then there’s the Marshall Woburn, slashed from £499.99 to just £249.99 over at HMV.

Offering “plenty of volume and bags of style”, Trusted Reviews wrote: “Drenched in Marshall style, the Woburn Multi-Room and its siblings look like great wireless multi-room speakers for all the rockers out there. They’re particularly handy if you have a non-wireless source or two still knocking about.”

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