Call all parka monkeys: For Cyber Monday, there’s 30% off everything at Pretty Green

Liam's line, inspired by The Beatles and mod culture

CaCaKeeping up with the wave of all of the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Liam Gallagher‘s clothing line Pretty Green are offering 30% off everything for a limited time – but the offer ends tonight.

Founded by Gallagher in 2009, the label channels the former Oasis turned solo star’s ’60s and Mod-inspired look to unite his love of music and fashion. Recently worn by the likes of Skepta, Pretty Green aims to create “simple, classic clothing with a modern twist”.

Inspired by Liam’s favourite band the Fab Four, you can get £90 off this Beatles ‘White Album’ Blackbird Parka, or go for Gallagher’s festival look with this parka with paisley lining and a saving of £45.

You can also get festival-ready and save £54 on this trademark orange parka, warm up for winter with this reduced faux sherling flight jacket, or pick up this very ’60s military jacket for just £70.

Liam Gallagher at a 'Pretty Green' event
Liam Gallagher at a ‘Pretty Green’ event

“I haven’t got a favourite brand, I haven’t got a favourite designer,” Gallagher once said of his reasons for starting Pretty Green. “I like what I like. I spend a lot of money on clothes so I know my shit. In fact, I probably spend more on clothes than 90 per cent of these fashion people because they get it all for nowt.”

Speaking of how lively recent crowds were during Northern festival gigs, Noel Gallagher recently spoke of how many of the audience were wearing his brother’s clothing brand.

“There were just these kids with their dads, all of them dressed head to toe in Pretty Green,” recalled Gallagher. “All of them in the fucking field. I was saying to my mum, ‘What the fuck does he want to get Oasis back together for? He must be fucking loaded’.”

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