Geno Washington guests on a track by Kermit's new band Big Dog...

Ex-Black Grape rapper KERMIT has formed a new band, Big Dog and teams up with INDIANA soul legend GENO WASHINGTON on a new track titled ‘DO THE RIGHT THING’.

Kermit, who is now on tour with Bentley Rhythm Ace, formed Big Dog with his old Ruthless Rap Assassins/Black Grape friend, percussionist Ged Lynch. Black Grape bassist Danny Williams and programmer Mark Jones make up the rest of the group.

The band have recorded almost an album’s worth of material and now are looking for a record deal with a four song demo tape featuring new tracks ‘Genuinely Insincere’, ‘Do The Right Thing’, ‘Around Myself’ and ‘A Natural Disaster’.

Kermit told “It’s funk man, it’s fucking grooves. I’ve been singing a lot more, man, going for big sounds – bit meaty fucking grooves, tearing guitars.

‘Do The Right Thing’ is a duet with Geno Washington – the man himself. He’s one of my heroes, he’s so fucking cool. He got hold of the track and he liked it and he came down. He was fucking firing in that vocal booth. We was bouncing off each other – and he’s deep. Fucking hell, he’s deep…he knows his fucking shit and he’s a gentleman.

“He’s the fucking real deal. That’s why the track’s called ‘Do The Right Thing’ man – be real to yourself.”

Since leaving Black Grape in 1997, Kermit‘s kept a low profile, only surfacing recently to tour with Bentley Rhythm Ace after singing on two tracks from their latest album.

He said: “I’ve been sitting at home for three or four years, sorting my head out. Getting rid of all them poisons in my system, man. I keep a very low profile. I don’t do what I used to do, I don’t hang out with the same people and I don’t do the same things. Things happen and it gets to you, man, you think people are there for you and they’re not. I learned a lot through it, I must say. I just look towards the future.

“It’s Big Dog all the fucking way now, man.”

On the inspiration behind the name Big Dog, Kermit said: “It was nothing deep. Just to do with some, errr, dogs and err, a bark. It’s do with the size of the ‘bark’. OK? Do you understand now?”