Black Grape

Black Grape slam Theresa May and back Jeremy Corbyn

'It's not socialist, it's about being human'

As Britain goes to the polls today for the 2017 General Election, Black Grape have spoken out to condemn Theresa May and hail Jeremy Corbyn. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The band, who recently announced their return with their first new album in 20 years, have slammed the Conservative leader for being ‘self-serving’, while arguing that Corbyn has the needs of the nation at heart.

“Theresa May, I always said this around the Brexit thing,” said Kermit. “She angled herself into power. She was playing chess while the rest of them were playing draughts. She is well crafty. She is evil, man.”

He added: “The country needs healing – bringing together. Like [Corbyn] says, ‘for the many, not for the few’. People say ‘oh, it’s socialist’. It’s not. It’s about being human and looking after each other. A lot of them get into politics to line their own pockets.”

Shaun Ryder responded: “I think I preferred you when you were a heroin addict and didn’t give a fuck.”


Black Grape

Black Grape

“I’m delighted to report that Black Grape are back on the road, and with new album ‘Pop Voodoo’ that really does rock the fuck out of the discotheque,” said ‘Trainspotting’ writer Irvine Welsh. “Shaun’s word play has never been deployed to such devastating effect, and he scores a bullseye whether he hits the obvious targets (Trump), and the more obscure ones…well, find out for yourself.

“The world is in a bit of a state right now, and bullshit reigns more than ever, and perversely disguised as candour. We need Manc street sass, intelligence and wit more than ever right now. This album has that in spades.”

Black Grape’s ‘Pop Voodoo’ is out on 7 July.

Never before has so much been at stake in an election, and rarely have the two main parties offered such different pitches for governing the country. NME’s ‘plus one’ campaign wants you to take a mate to the polls. We know you’re a great person and you’ve already registered. But it’s time to make sure your mates are up to speed. This Thursday morning, hoist them away from their bowl of cereal and towards the polling station.