Black Honey release new song ‘Run For Cover’, hoping it inspires women to “dump their boyfriends”

"It felt empowering to flip it to the female gaze"

Black Honey have shared a new track, ‘Run For Cover’, which singer Izzy B. Phillips hopes will inspire women to leave their boyfriends.

The raucous new song was released today (September 18) and follows the Brighton band’s July single ‘Beaches‘. It was written with close friend Mike Kerr, who is one half of Royal Blood.


Phillips explained of the track: “It’s fun but on a bit of a knife edge of risk and weird. Sex can be clumsy, emotional and complex. There’s so much baggage that it comes with. We wrote the song from a man’s perspective. It felt empowering to flip it to the female gaze” [quotes via The Line Of Best Fit].

She continued: “I think I’m exploring both power and my weakness in equal measure. We wanted it to sound manic – like Hives meets John Travolta, hips swinging. I love this song. I hope it makes women find themselves and dump their boyfriends.”

Black Honey are yet to follow up their self-titled debut album that dropped in 2018.

In a Big Read interview with NME last year, Phillips and her band members criticised media tendency to label the group as “female-fronted”. “Female is not a genre!” she shouted.

“We get labelled a ‘female-fronted band’ as if that’s a genre,” guitarist Chris Ostler added. “What is a female-fronted band? Fuck off! It’s a band. You don’t have a ‘male-fronted band’, do you? You just have a band.”