The Black Keys promise to teach you “the art of music” in MasterClass parody video

“Unless you’re not naturally gifted like us, then we can’t really help you”

The Black Keys, fresh off the release of their album ‘Let’s Rock’, have joined forces with Funny Or Die on a dryly comedic video in which the band promise to teach you “the art of music”. Check it out below.

The clip parodies the MasterClass series, which connects paying subscribers with celebrity instructors who conduct masterclasses – Carlos Santana imparts guitar secrets, Timbaland teaches beatmaking and production, Natalie Portman coaches acting, and so on.

For their online “MasterCourse”, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney vow to shed light on the songwriting and recording processes, from the jaw-droppingly expensive guitars you’ll need to the most interesting time signatures for drumming. “Every song on a record is trying to accomplish something,” Auerbach explains at the top of the clip. “That song in particular was trying to get me a new pool.” Watch the Funny Or Die video below:


The clip was directed by Bryan Schlam, who also helmed The Black Keys’ hilarious music video for ‘Go’, where the duo undergo therapy together.

The Black Keys will tour North America behind ‘Let’s Rock’, kicking things off at Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas in September 21 and winding up in Vancouver, BC in late November.

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