Black Kids: ‘We’re a cheesy pop band’

Reggie Youngblood compares his band to Spandau Ballet

Black Kids have said that they are happy to be labelled a “cheesy pop” band, and have compared themselves to naff 80s hitmakers Spandau Ballet.

Speaking to BBC News, frontman Reggie Youngblood said he didn’t see the description as a negative one.

“There are some very rockist tendencies on the album and we do tend to have our heavy moments,” he said, “but the pop tends to outweigh the rock when it’s all said and done.

“I’m fine with the description of being cheesy pop – there are so many cheesy pop songs I love and adore. I guess I don’t think of them as cheesy, I just think of them as wonderful.”

He added: “Like Spandau Ballet‘s ‘Gold’ (a hit in 1983) – that probably doesn’t hold up too good any more – or Prefab Sprout‘s ‘King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’ (from 1988) – that probably doesn’t hold up either. But I love, love, love those songs.”