Black Lips record ‘less muddy’ new album with Mark Ronson

Atlanta band have been working with the producer on their forthcoming fifth album

Black Lips have teamed up with Mark Ronson on their forthcoming new album.

The producer is helping the band to inject a new “fuzz” into the Atlanta band’s fifth studio effort, according to bassist and vocalist Jared Swilley.

“[Ronson‘s] not changing a lot of the stuff we’re already doing,” he told “It was fun like that, because he was a fan of our music, and I like stuff that he’s done. It seems like we wouldn’t have a lot in common, but there’s no radical departure from anything. He just interjected other ideas that we hadn’t really tried.”


“He was very clear at the beginning that he didn’t want to come in and do something crazy,” he continued. “We definitely weren’t going to have big synthesisers or anything like that. He was really into the fuzz tone. We like to have really good-sounding fuzz, and he was big on helping us work on getting that.”

Swilley also admitted that the record is not as “muddy” as their last studio effort, 2009’s ‘200 Million Thousand’.

“It definitely won’t be as muddy as our last album, which we did ourselves in our warehouse,” he explained. “Anything will sound less muddy than that. I think it will sound a lot better than the last album.”

The group have yet to announce a release date for the as-yet untitled album.

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