Black Lips’ Jared Swilley and Wavves’ Nathan Williams in bar brawl

'He got what was coming to him,' Williams says

A fight between Black LipsJared Swilley and WavvesNathan Williams was broken up by police on Friday night (September 25).

Swilley was reportedly left bloody after the fight erupted at Daddy’s in Brooklyn, after both bands had played separate gigs in New York that night, reports Black Lips had been supporting Yo La Tengo at the city’s Roseland Ballroom, while Wavves took to the stage at the Market Hotel.

Both Swilley and Williams have spoken about the fight, though their statements are conflicting.


Williams says Swilley had approached him at 4am in the bar, and that his girlfriend then spat in his and his friends’ faces.

He stated: “I have no problem with Black Lips or anybody else that I haven’t met, but Jared has been at me every chance he had. I just want to play music and have fun. It was unfortunate that it escalated to that point, but he got what was coming to him.”

Swilley responded to Williams‘ statement by denying he went after the Wavves man.

“First of all, I just wanna say that Wavves was NOT involved in that fight. Didn’t even touch me,” he said. “I’ve never ‘come after’ that kid, it wasn’t 4am, that wasn’t my girlfriend, no one was spitting, and I didn’t attack him. I don’t give a shit about that kid and his music.”

He went on to describe his version of events, and admitted that he called Williams a “faggot”.

He revealed: “What happened was, after we finished our set I went to Daddy’s with some friends and saw that faggot from Wavves talking to a photographer friend of mine. The only thing I did was walk up to him and say ‘You’re that faggot from Wavves and I don’t like you’. He smiled a bit but didn’t say anything.


“After that, I went outside and saw their tour manager hanging around with some guys. They started getting all chuckles with me and so I told them I wasn’t gonna have it. After that, Wavves tour manager hit me square in the face with a bottle. Blood started pouring out and six dudes fucking started kicking me until I blacked out. All I remember is getting hit with the bottle and my friends dragging me to another bar. They wrapped my head up until I looked like a Confederate soldier.”

Swilley added that his injuries forced him to miss three flights the following day, because his head “kept cracking open”.