Black Lips strip naked onstage during raucous London gig

Band battle security and sound at tiny chaotic show

Black Lips played a chaotic gig last night (September 16) at London‘s Heaven venue, resulting in a stage invasion and the plug being pulled on the sound.

Watch fan footage of the gig by scrolling down and clicking on the video below.

Security guards were forced to deal with stage diving fans throughout the show, which ended with guitarist Cole Alexander playing his instrument during one song with just his penis.

After the Atlanta four-piece took the stage, a steady stream of stage diving fans clambered onstage until, around half an hour later during ‘Bad Kids’, stewards in front of the stage gestured for the sound to be pulled.

The sound to the main speakers was cut, prompting boos from the audience and band.

A security guard then gestured to bassist and singer Jared Swilley to ask the crowd to calm down, but he instead whooped into the microphone, prompting cheers, and continued the set with the band just playing through their amps rather than the venue’s PA.

The main sound, however, was soon restored as more fans began clambering onstage to stage dive back into the sweaty crowd.

The band then seemed to get involved in a dispute with the security team in front of the stage as one steward confronted a fan who was attempting to get onstage.

Frontman Swilley tried to intervene in the incident, resulting in a screaming match between him and the security guard while the fan was dragged off the stage.

“All that kid was doing was trying to sit down,” Swilley moaned to the crowd, before declaring: “If you’ve got enough people you can do whatever you want!”

A stage invasion followed, with around six security guards attempting to grab fans as they stormed the stage.

During the invasion, guitarist Alexander pulled down his trousers and played guitar with his penis for around five minutes, before the four band members repeatedly hurled themselves into the crowd.

Black Lips played:

‘Sea Of Blasphemy’


‘Dirty Hands’

‘Buried Alive’

‘Fairy Stories’

‘Hippie Hippie Hoorah’

‘O Katrina!’

‘Not A Problem’

‘Bad Kids’

‘Cold Hands’

‘I Saw A Ghost (Lean)’

‘Lock And Key’


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