Black Lips frontman criticises ‘mediocre’ Lorde and ‘fake’ Drake

Frontman hits out at fellow musicians, calling Lorde's 'Royals' his least favourite song

Black Lips frontman Cole Alexander has criticised a number of big name artists, taking specific aim at Drake and Lorde.

Alexander, whose band recently released ‘Underneath The Rainbow’, spoke to AV Club for their feature ‘Hate Song’ in which artists open up about the one song they hate more than any other. The frontman chose Lorde‘s ‘Royals’, citing its ‘righteous’ tone as his reason for hating it.

“I was looking over the lyrics and in the song she seems to be criticising what’s going on in pop music, like when people are talking about excess opulence, gold teeth and Maybachs. Most of the people that are rapping about Maybachs and diamonds come from really “torn-up towns“. I’m going on assumptions, but I feel like a lot of these guys are from Compton or these fucking ghettos like Memphis, and their parts of town are way more torn up than hers. I think it’s a bit righteous of her.”

Alexander also revealed that his band were asked to tour with Kesha, but declined the offer. “Kesha asked us to go on a tour a couple of years ago and we didn’t go,” he said. “Her music is totally opposite to us, but we came to her with the idea of doing a track and we talked with her about it, but we never did it. I don’t think Lorde even makes the cut; I don’t think she’s as far opposite as Kesha is. She’s straight in the middle.”

The US musician follows up on his theme of artists who have not suffered for their art by criticising Drake for the same reason and saying: “I’m sure he has some struggles in his life like everyone does, but I just don’t like Drake. He seems kind of fake to me.”

Black Lips recently told NME that making ‘Underneath The Rainbow’ was like “training to be a Navy Seal”. Bassist Jared Swilley made the comments, saying: “In the music world, this band is like [US counter-terrorist unit] Seal Team Six. When the shit hits the fan, we’re the first response team.” Swilley also said of the album: “It sounds like the Fonz fucking a monkey while riding a motorcycle into the sun.”