Black Lips say making new LP was like ‘training to be a Navy Seal’

'Underneath The Rainbow' apparently 'sounds like The Fonz fucking a monkey while riding a motorcycle into the sun'

Black Lips have said that making their new LP ‘Underneath The Rainbow’ was like “training to be a Navy Seal”.

Bassist Jared Swilley made the comments to NME, saying: “In the music world, this band is like [US counter-terrorist unit] Seal Team Six. When the shit hits the fan, we’re the first response team.” The band’s new album is set for release on March 18, and Swilley has said of the album: “It sounds like The Fonz fucking a monkey while riding a motorcycle into the sun.”

‘Underneath The Rainbow’ is the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Arabia Mountain’ LP. It will consist of 12 tracks and features production work by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys in Nashville, as well as help from Dap Kings music director Tommy Brenneck. Ed Rawls also co-produced a number of tracks and the LP was mixed by Jimmy Douglass.


Cole Alexander of the band said of Carney’s involvement: “He had a really well rounded vision. The Black Keys started out as a garage-rock band, but they ended up working with Danger Mouse. That meant Patrick understood our lo-fi roots, but he understood the pop element, too.”

The ‘Underneath The Rainbow’ tracklisting is:

‘Drive By Buddy’
‘Make You Mine’
‘Dorner Party’
‘Justice After All’
‘Boys in the Wood’
‘Do the Vibrate’
‘I Don’t Wanna Go Home’
‘Dandelion Dust’
‘Dog Years’