The Black Madonna removes herself from Amazon-backed festival line-up

“I absolutely did not agree to this"

The Black Madonna – aka Marea Stamper – has now removed herself from an Amazon-backed festival line up.

Last week (October 17), Amazon Wed Services announced line-up details of Intersect Music Festival, which takes place in Las Vegas from December 6-7. The Black Madonna appeared on the line-up alongside acts including Foo Fighters, Beck, Kacey Musgraves and Anderson .Paak.

In response, Stamper claimed on social media that Amazon was not listed as being associated with the event in any of the paperwork she received from the festival’s organisers.


She said: “What the fuck is this Amazon shit…I absolutely did not agree to this. Oh hell no…It’s on NONE of the offers or paperwork.”

She added: “If you were shocked I’d play for Amazon, well that makes two of us. Please be patient and while I burn some bridges. Updates soon.” You can see the initial thread below:


Now, Stamper has issued a further statement confirming that she will not appear at the festival in a lengthy statement on social media.

Stamper wrote: “I will not be performing at Intersect Festival due to their relationship with Amazon Web Services who have business ties with ICE and Homeland Security. I was not approached by employees of Amazon. I was never formally or informally advised of any Amazon branding. The offer I accepted did not propose any kind of brand partnership.”

She continued: “I am profoundly disappointed that anyone, at any level, in the long chain of people between the offer I saw and the eventual promotion of this event presumed I would. Many of you expressed your disappointment too and you were right to do so. I share it completely and amplify it.

“I am in total solidarity with the demonstrators, workers, other tech labourers and immigrants and all people of conscience in calling for an end to corporate digital collaboration with US Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department Of Homeland Security.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Amazon Web Services denied the claims in a comment to Billboard. “Our affiliation with Intersect Festival is clear in both the contract that was signed by Black Madonna’s management team and in the creative materials that were reviewed and approved.

“Amazon Web Services’ was named in the contract five separate times. Regardless, we’ve decided to release her from her contractual obligation.”

Earlier this year, The Black Madonna also shared a remix of Robyn’s track ‘Between the Lines’ from ‘Honey’.

Reviewing ‘Honey’, NME wrote: “Whether she’s craving escape by way of the dancefloor, the white beaches of Ibiza, or a proverbial dip into the honey-pot, ‘Honey’ acknowledges that deep, throbbing pain can sit alongside escapist pleasure. From an artist who conjures up so many lofty titles – pop genius being one of them – this is a record that takes an altogether different tack to cut through to the raw, complex tangle of emotion.”

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