Watch this brilliant ‘Black Metal Barbie’ spoof advert

The clip was originally uploaded in 2017, but is now enjoying a new lease of life

A spoof Barbie advert, depicting an unlikely “black metal” version of the doll, has gone viral – watch the hilarious clip below.

The 90-second clip was originally uploaded by artist Gwenmarie White in November 2017, and initially premiered at the California Institute of the Arts.

The video of the ‘Black Metal Barbie’ advert, which lampoons the usual glossy and upbeat Barbie commercials, has now resurfaced online, and is enjoying a surge in popularity after it was recently picked up and shared by a number of websites.

In the sing-song clip, which you can see above, such lines as “Black metal Barbie, a Norwegian surprise / Let’s go to the forest as the sunlight dies” and “Black metal Barbie, so cult and so raw / Let’s do the Windmill as we throw up the claw” are optimistically sung, along with the added note that “sacrificial sheep are not included” with all purchases of the black metal-themed doll.

Earlier this month, a Singapore black metal band were forced to cancel one of their scheduled shows after receiving complaints from the Council of Churches of Malaysia.

Devouror, who released their ‘Slay For Satan’ EP back in January, had been due to take to the stage in Kuala Lumpur for the first time on Easter Sunday, but the gig was pulled following the complaints.