Black Midi enter Stormzy vs. Wiley feud with surreal Ed Sheeran diss track

"You sellout ginger prick"

Black Midi have seemingly stepped into the recent feud between Stormzy and Wiley by releasing a diss track aimed at Ed Sheeran.

The pop star has long been a central figure in Wiley’s public criticisms of Stormzy, with the ‘Godfather of Grime’ attacking Stormzy again on January 1 for working with Sheeran. The dispute escalated on Monday (January 6) when Wiley released a diss track saying the ‘Vossi Bop’ rapper was “worse than Ed Sheeran”.

The pair have been trading blows since then, with Stormzy responding on each occasion with ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Still Disappointed’, including a bizarre dispute concerning the whereabouts of Wiley’s mother.


Now it appears that Black Midi have called for Sheeran on a new track titled ‘ded sheeran’ uploaded to their Soundcloud page, DIY reports. The track was deleted shortly after, though it has since been uploaded to YouTube. Listen to ‘ded sheeran’ below.

The song, which includes samples from Britney Spears and lines from Black Midi drummer Morgan Simpson, doesn’t hold back on attacking the singer: “Ed Sheeran sucks / you sellout ginger prick / your music is doodoo, believe me man we don’t need you.”

“My name’s Ed Sheeran, look at me in my jeans and white t-shirt with my acoustic guitar plugged into my loop pedal,” Simpson continues on the track. “Remember that time at The Windmill when you took my shit, when you took my drumsticks? Yeah, fuck you.” The band last played The Windmill on December 19, 2019.

Black Midi aren’t the first unlikely additions to the ongoing dispute. Earlier this week (January 9), Peter Andre received backlash after attempting to play peacemaker in the Wiley and Stormzy beef, urging them not to “bring each other’s families into it.”