‘Black Mirror’ soundtrack for ‘San Junipero’ episode set for release

Take a trip back to '80s

Clint Mansell’s acclaimed soundtrack for the standout ‘Black Mirror’ episode ‘San Junipero’ is set to be released next month.

The ’80’s elements of the soundtrack to compliment the storyline has already gained the episode cult status among fans.

“There’s huge nostalgia for me,” creator Charlie Brooker said of the episode. “All the music I said I hated, I secretly loved all of it; T’Pau and all of that. It was a great way for me to indulge in all those guilty pleasures. To go back and revisit all of that music people claimed to hate in 1987.”


Now, as Film Music Reporter reports, the Requiem For A Dream and Black Swan score creator Clint Mansell’s soundtrack for ‘San Junipero’ will be released by Lakeshore Records on 2 December.

See the album tracklist below:

1. San Junipero (80s-90s-00s-??s)
2. Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling In Love
3. Tick Tock (Clock Of My Heart)
4. Night Drive
5. Property Of Tucker Systems
6. In Sickness, In Health
7. Life Eternal
8. Waves Crashing On Distant Shores Of Time
9. Endless Summer
10. San Junipero (Saturday Night In the City Of The Dead)


This comes after Brooker shared a 42-song playlist made up of songs from the episode or that that ‘didn’t make the cut for legal or rights reasons’.

As well as Belinda Carlisle’s pop smash ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’, which features prominently in the episode, the playlist includes ’80s classics by The Smiths, Pixies, Depeche Mode and Public Enemy. Hits by T’Pau, Kim Wilde, The Bangles and Whitney Houston feature too.


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