New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album close to completion

Missing drummer returns for 'roots' album

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are putting the finishing touches to their fourth album.

The US three-piece have returned to their guitar driven roots for the follow up to their acoustic blues and country album ‘Howl’.

But the band have admitted that they’ve used similar production elements from their third LP.


Guitarist Peter Hayes, speaking to Billboard, said: “Things open up and break down within the songs a lot. There are some songs that are kind of groove-oriented and not so blues or country influenced.”

Nick Jago is back on sticks duty for their as-yet-untitled LP, after sitting out their last album following his original decision to quit the band in 2004.

“When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did with him that we left off,” said singer Hayes. “We knew they’d be for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what this album was going to sound like, and for the most part we stuck to it.”

Tracks slated to appear on the album, which is expected next spring, include ‘666 Conducer’, ‘Berlin’, ‘The Show’, ‘Cold Wind’, ‘Weapon Of Choice’, ‘Killin’ The Light’, ‘Am I Only’ and ‘All You Do Is Talk’, a track that is built using 12 different guitar parts.

Turner added: “I played one string at a time making a chord and then doubled it. That’s a big, thick wall of guitar, that one.”

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