Black Rebel Motorcyle Club keep fans guessing at London gig

The band cover Bob Dylan at iTunes Festival

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kept the crowds guessing last night (July 4) at the iTunes Festival at the ICA in London.

The San Francisco rockers were due to grace the stage at precisely 8.45pm, but due to an “unforeseen personnel shortage” were announced to be joining the crowd at 9.30pm.

Just as the crowds were beginning to think the band were set to cancel their set, a characteristically dishevelled Peter Hayes appeared on stage at 9.45pm, gently explaining into the main microphone that they were missing their drummer Nick Jago.

Peter Hayes then treated fans to a rare intimate acoustic set, starting with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club classic ‘Devil’s Waitin” taken from third album ‘Howl’, and followed by a solo acoustic version of ‘Faultline’.

Hayes was then joined onstage by fellow guitarist Robert Levon Been who surprised the crowds with his own solo acoustic cover of the Bob Dylan classic ‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’.

To the surprise of the cheering fans in the room, the pair then announced “Ladies and gentlemen – Nick Jago”, before their drummer bounced on stage to the delight of the applauding gig-goers.

BRMC then kick started a grinding and sweat-fuelled, beats-driven set, that mostly took from their latest album ‘Baby 81’.

The band kicked off with ‘Took Out A Loan’ before diving straight in with tracks ‘Berlin’, ‘Lien On Your Dreams’, ‘Weapon Of Choice’ and ‘666 Conducer’.

Past classics were touched upon with ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’ (taken from their last blues record ‘Howl’) and ‘Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll (Punk Song)’ which presides on their debut self titled album.

Hayes commended the audience for their “fucking warm welcome” before the band concluded with ‘All You Do Is Talk’.

The setlist was:

”Devil’s Waitin”


‘Complicated Situation’

‘The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll’

‘Took Out A Loan’


‘Lien On Your Dreams’

‘Ain’t No Easy Way’

‘Weapon Of Choice’

‘Whatever Happened To My Rock’n’Roll (Punk Song)’


‘Not What You Wanted’

‘666 Conducer’

‘Need Air’

‘American X’

‘All You Do Is Talk’