Muse’s Matt Bellamy watches Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play for Converse Gigs @ 100 Club

Band's Robert Levon Been performs on pavement after venue's fire alarm sounded

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played the latest in a series of Converse Gigs at London’s 100 Club last night (July 24).

The San Francisco three-piece, comprising Robert Levon Been, Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro, ripped through a 12-song set, beginning with ‘Hate The Taste’ from seventh album ‘Specter At The Feast’, released in March this year.

There was little conversation from the band, although after ‘Conscience Killer’, Levon Been said: “This is a beautiful thing, playing here. We’ve been doing nothing but fucking summer festivals for the past few months but playing here, with a roof over our heads and so close to you guys, is the way it should be. Thank you, everyone.”


BRMC also played ‘Beat The Devil’s Tattoo’ from the 2010 album of the same name and ‘Berlin’ from fourth album ‘Baby 81’, although no songs featured from 2008’s ‘The Effects Of 333’. The finished their set with ‘Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)’ and a stage-invasion-prompting ‘Spread Your Love’, both taken from their 2001 debut ‘BRMC’ and left the stage.

Shortly afterward, the 100 Club’s fire alarm sounded meaning the venue had to be evacuated. With all fans on the pavement outside, Levon Been appeared with an acoustic guitar and sang ‘The Weight Of The World’ from ‘Howl’ while waiting for the fire brigade to arrive and investigate. It was decided the smoke from the smoke machine used on stage had drifted up the stairs to the venue’s offices and set off the alarm.

Support came from Spanish funk metal band IEPI! and London guitar band Dexters, and Muse’s Matt Bellamy was in the audience.

BRMC played:

‘Hate The Taste’
‘Beat The Devil’s Tattoo’
‘Let The Day Begin’
‘Ain’t No Easy Way’
‘Screaming Gun’
‘Conscience Killer’
‘Sell It’
‘Six Barrel Shotgun’
‘Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll’
‘Spread Your Love’

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