The band look set to turn their back on noisy guitars in the future...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are planning a “rootsy, back porch” approach to their next LP.

The band, who release their second album ‘Take Them On, On Their Own’ this week, said the new choice of direction had been inspired by “the simple side of rock ‘n’ roll.”

“We’ve had all these new songs stewing for a while that are really different than what we come out with normally,” guitarist Peter Hayes told XFM. “Very rootsy back porch, country, gospel, blues kinda stuff. I can’t explain it more than that really.

“It’s definitely really strong though. We haven’t been very confident of that side of our songwriting cos we just always played it down, but in the past year, the stuff we’ve been coming out with is just as good as anything we’ve ever done. It’s strange, taking a second look at it and seeing how it could actually work as a real record.”

The songs are planned for inclusion on the bands next album.

“I love the simple side of rock ‘n’ roll music,” Hayes added. “I like that it doesn’t ask too much all the time and its fun to just kick out the jams – that’s where the dream began y’know? But after a while to live in that place always is gonna run its course for anybody.”

Earlier in the year, bassist Robert Turner told NME.COM the band’s most recent release was “more raw and natural”, saying; “It’s like we sound live. We’re tighter as a group now and we’ve actually learnt to play our instruments. We’re not hiding behind anything any more.”