Drummer Nick Jago shows up late - so Peter Hayes and Robert Turner improvise...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were forced to play unrehearsed acoustic songs after their drummer arrived late for their show in LEEDS .

Drummer Nick Jago was unaware that the stage times at the Met Bar had been brought forward and was still wandering around Leeds city centre when the band took to the stage on Friday (August 1).

“This is as much a surprise for us as it is for you. You’re going to have to excuse our drummer. I’m sure he means well,” said Peter Hayes as he and Robert Turner took to the stage with two acoustic guitars.

They played two new songs – ‘Complicated Situation’ and ‘Shuffle Your Feet’ – and ‘Love Burns’ before Nick finally turned up, running onto the stage in time for ‘Spread Your Love’.

“I left the soundcheck without seeing the notices on the wall saying that the time had been brought forward,” said Nick after the show, “I thought we were supposed to be on at ten o’clock and I got there spot on time!”

“It wasn’t his fault,” said Pete. “People make mistakes – it was just really fucking stressful!”