Robert Turner also tells NME.COM how they enlisted the help of Bono...

The title of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s new album will be ‘TAKE THEM ON, ON YOUR OWN’, the band’s ROBERT TURNER has exclusively told NME.COM.

And the singer said their second offering would be more “raw and natural” than their self-titled debut.

“It’s much more natural and not as experimental, ” he told NME.COM from Los Angeles where he is currently mixing the album.

He added: “It’s like we sound live. We’re tighter as a group now and we’ve actually learnt to play our instruments now, so it’s more raw. We’re not hiding behind anything any more.”

Turner also broke his silence about ‘that Nick Jago incident’ at this year’s NME Awards – where the drummer was forced offstage after his acceptance speech consisted of a seven-minute silence.

“I don’t know what to say about that, ” he laughed. “Nick’s just a kid and you’ve got let him have some fun. It was his first time at the awards, so it’s kind of to be expected. “

“You know people get down on us when we’re serious and they get down on us when we have fun. We can’t win.”

Turner also spoke of the frustration the band had suffered because of Jago’s visa problem. Thanks to the efforts of Bono, the English-born drummer has finally been given the green light to work in America.

Jago’s representatives have had a long-running battle with the US Embassy who have, until now, refused to grant the drummer a work permit, after he lived illegally in the country during Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s early days.

Bono was urged to step in by Dan Russell, who once worked with U2 and now works with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and write a letter persuading the American government to change their minds and allow Jago to work in the States.

Turner said: “Now that Nick’s got his visa things are a lot better, we feel like a group again. It was frustrating before, fuck yeah.

“It’s been going on years and we didn’t think it would so suddenly be sorted out. It’s been so frustrating, not been free to go wherever you want, that’s why we didn’t leave the states for so long, because we didn’t want to split up the band.”

Though no release date has yet been set for the album, Turner revealed the three-piece outfit intend to spend their summer touring the States and he admitted it would be a while before they head back to the UK.

But he added: “We’re not turning out backs on the UK. Britain’s been better to us than anywhere else. But it’s nice to be back in the sunshine.”