Birmingham City Council could be set to introduce ‘Black Sabbath day’

A new report wants the city council to make more of a fuss of the metal icons

Birmingham City Council could be set to create ‘Black Sabbath day’, after a report from one of their councillors urged them to do more to celebrate the city’s celebrities.

The metal legends, who announced late last year that they will be reuniting to record a new album and world tour, were formed in Birmingham suburb of Aston in 1969 and all of the band’s members grew up in the surrounding area.

They will return to the Midlands later this summer to headline Download Festival and Councillor Philip Parkin, who compiled the report on how he believes Birmingham can boost its tourist industry, says it is “an opportunity that should not be missed”.

Writing in a report, which is titled ‘Destination Birmingham’, Parkin says of the role Black Sabbath could play in promoting the city: “Black Sabbath’s reunion and their agreement to headline Download Festival in June is an opportunity we should not miss. Early discussions are taking place about how best the city should celebrate this, and the council should be supporting any celebrations.”

Speaking to the Birmingham Post about the report, Parkin said: “The report is saying that Black Sabbath reforming is significant, Black Sabbath are huge and metal is huge. Given this, it is us saying to the council that we need to celebrate the fact these people come from Birmingham. We could hold a civic event and potentially invite the band along to say thank you from Birmingham for the contribution they’ve made to music in our city.”

Black Sabbath are currently working on their comeback studio album, which they have continued to do despite the revelation that their guitarist Tony Iommi had been diagnosed with cancer.

The band have moved their recording sessions from the US over to the UK so they can continue to work on the album while Iommi receives treatment.