Yep, we all thought the Brummie rockers had finished for good - but it looks like they just can't give it up yet...

The original BLACK SABBATH line-up will join MARILYN MANSON and SLIPKNOT on this year’s OZZFEST tour.

It was anticipated that Ozzfest 2000 would be the last. However, according to MTV news reports, all three bands will perform on the main stage at this year’s event, in addition to Disturbed, Papa Roach and Linkin Park. Bands for the second stage are due to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

A Black Sabbath line-up consisting of singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward are expected to play the event, in which large US rock acts take part in a touring festival, organised by Osbourne himself. Black Sabbath said they were to split permanently following last year’s tour, but reports seem to indicate a change of heart.

Rumours that Guns N’Roses and Van Halen will appear on this year’s tour appear to be unfounded.

It is anticipated that the tour will commence on June 8 in Chicago, and will travel across the US throughout the summer.