Black Sabbath confirm their split after nearly 50 years

This is '#TheEnd'

Despite rumours that they continue, Black Sabbath have confirmed that they have indeed split up after 49 years together.

Last month, the band played what was billed as their ‘final gig’ with a career-spanning set in their native Birmingham. However, guitarist Tony Iommi then went on to say that he was ‘sure’ the band could make more music together.

“It’s just the touring for me. It’s time to stop roaming the world and be at home for a bit,” he said. “When you’re touring you’ve got to go out for six, eight, 12 months or whatever, and you’ve got a schedule that you have to do. Now, if I want to do some TV for a month, I can do that.”

The guitar legend continued: “I don’t think we’ve ruled anything out, apart from me not wanting to tour any more. Who knows? We may do something. We haven’t spoken about it. We haven’t talked about anything, really – but I’m sure something can happen somewhere.”

However, that’s no been cast into doubt with the band post what seems to be an official ending and obituary, with an image with the words “Black Sabbath: 1968-2017” along with the caption #TheEnd – along with a classic photo of Sabbath in their ’70s prime.

Back in November, Osbourne claimed he would continue making music following the band’s final tour. “It’s not me that wants to retire, it’s Black Sabbath,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock. “I’ll be continuing my own musical thing. My wife is good at telling me partial information, but I know I’m not hanging my boots up for a while.”

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