Black Thought and Danger Mouse are working on new collaborative LP

"We’re the elder statesmen at this point, so I feel like this record is reflective of that too"

Black Thought has revealed that he’s working on a new collaborative project with Danger Mouse.

Speaking in a new interview, The Roots frontman discussed his latest album, ‘Streams Of Thought Vol.3: Cane & Abel’, and shared details of an upcoming project with the ‘Grey Album’ producer.

“And though it’s something that’s probably gonna drop in the middle of all these Streams Of Thought volumes, since it’s something that we began the initial idea maybe 13 or 14 years ago, I don’t consider it to be part of that same series,” he told Hot 97.


“So, it’s not gonna be like ‘Streams Of Thought Vol.4’ is the Danger Mouse volume. It’s a standalone joint. And it’s an album, it’s a full-on album.”

“It’s a feel-good record,” he continued. “It’s a record for people who got into hip-hop and sort of evolved at the same period of time that we did. We’re the elder statesmen at this point, so I feel like this record is reflective of that too.”

He added that the album is “a return for [Danger Mouse] to hip-hop and to sampling in this way.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Black Thought also offered an update on The Roots’ next album, attributing the delay to the group’s notoriously extensive deliberations over album releases.

Meanwhile, The Roots, Public Enemy and more feature in former US First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Voting Playlist, created in a bid to encourage American citizens to vote.


Partnering with LL Cool J‘s Rock The Bells brand to create the special playlist, Obama chose old-school hip-hop tracks she felt would get people motivated to cast their ballots in the forthcoming presidential election.

Obama shared the playlist to her Instagram story on Friday (October 23) after taking advantage of early voting and casting her own ballot. The playlist was then shared by LL Cool J and Rock The Bells.