Black Veil Brides: ‘We’re not trying to shock people with our image’

Andy Biersack says his band aren't 'here to make the ignorant people happy'

Black Veil Brides have dismissed suggestions that their image and heavy use of make-up is a “gimmick” and have rubbished the idea that they are trying to shock people with how they look.

Speaking to, singer Andy Biersack said that he was not interested in trying win people over who didn’t want to know about the band.

Asked how he felt his band were fitting in with the other bands on this summer’s Warped Tour in the US and how people in the crowds were responding to them, Biersack said:

We weren’t openly accepted by the rest of the tour, but over time people see what we’re doing and understand that it isn’t a gimmick. We’re not trying to shock people with our image. Also, when people meet us and talk to us about what it is we’re doing, they understand a lot more. It’s a lot easier to just look at who we are and write us off via the image.


He continued:

We’re not trying to pull everybody in. We’re not here to make the ignorant people happy. We’re here to write our music for those people that are interested in good rock n’ roll music. If they can look past the fact that I happen to wear mascara on stage, which by the way is a ridiculous thing that people have a stigma about, then we promise a good rock show.

The singer added that his band were not especially concerned with winning over people who have been resistant to Black Veil Brides as his band are “not fighting to find an audience.”

He said:

I’m not against making new fans, but I’m not going to go out of my way to pander to someone and try to make them like me; that’s not who we are. It’s not as if we’re fighting to find an audience, we have our audience and anybody else is definitely welcome.

Black Veil Brides play a largely sold out UK tour in October. They released their second album ‘Set The World On Fire’ earlier this year.