Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack on rib-shattering fall: ‘I was trying to fly’

Rock frontman opens up about stage accident: 'I just felt so stupid'

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has opened up about his recent on-stage accident.

The singer shattered three ribs in a fall at a Hollywood gig on June 18. Speaking to AP Magazine, the vocalist revealed: “I just felt so stupid.”

Joking about the intentions behind his antics, Biersack stated: “I was trying to fly – and I have clearly not perfected that yet.” The singer is now confined to his Hollywood and has been told by doctors not to perform until he has fully recovered. “I’ve currently got three shattered ribs, most of which are sort of like bone shrapnel in my back area,” said the frontman. “If I move too often I run the risk of those pieces of bone shifting and stabbing me, and sort of causing internal bleeding—and there’s also one very near my lung, that could potentially collapse it.”

As to whether he has any regrets about his actions, the singer replied: “The thing is, I know what I did was dumb, and now I have to pay the price—and unfortunately, that means missing the first week or so of [US] Warped [Tour], which is not good,” said Biersack. “But I can either lay here in misery and kinda hate everything, or I can understand what my plight is, take my medication and do what I can to heal.”

Black Veil Brides released their second album ‘Set The World On Fire’ on Monday June 13.