BLACKPINK’s Rosé describes the songwriting process for ‘R’ as “very stressful”

"My fans have been anticipating my solo and waiting and asking for it. So the pressure was high"

Rosé of BLACKPINK has revealed that she struggled with the creative process for her solo debut single album, ‘R’.

In a recent interview with Billboardthe singer shared the ups and downs she faced while working on her debut solo release. For Rosé, figuring out the direction she wanted to take with her songwriting was far from being an easy process, describing it as “very fun” but also “very stressful at times”.

She shared that she often asked herself questions such as “What are we going to sing about?” and “What is Rosie going to talk about for a good three minutes by herself?” while brainstorming ideas for ‘On The Ground’. However, the singer soon realised that wanted to talk about something that truly resonated with her: about finding a “purpose in life”, as she previously told Vogue.


“It could have gone any other way – love songs, breakup songs. They would have all been great. But we wanted to find something that spoke to me, so it felt right to be talking about what I’ve been thinking about these past couple of years,” she said to Billboard. “It sounded like if you would have dinner with me, have a conversation with me.”

Rosé also revealed that her desire to live up to her fans’ expectations of her solo debut also contributed to the stress she felt while working on ‘R’. “I know that my fans have been anticipating my solo and waiting and asking for it. So the pressure was high,” she noted.

Earlier this month, Rosé was named as Tiffany & Co.’s new global ambassador. The luxury brand cited Rosé’s “bold personality and modern style influence” as key factors in their decision to feature her in the brand;s new 2021 Tiffany HardWear digital campaign.

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