‘BLACKPINK: The Movie’ draws an audience of half a million viewers globally

The figure is expected to grow in the coming weeks

Approximately half a million people have seen BLACKPINK: The Movie in the five days since its premiere on August 4.

According to a report published by TenAsia yesterday (August 11), the BLACKPINK feature film was screened at over 3,000 theatres in more than 100 countries, and drew a cumulative global audience of about 500,000 people.

However, the number of screens showing BLACKPINK: The Movie is expected to grow in the coming weeks to 4,200, largely due to the delayed release of the film in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. COVID-19 restrictions in these nations are expected to ease by the end of the month, which would allow cinemas to reopen.


The report also claimed that among all countries that have screened the film, Mexico has had the largest amount of BLACKPINK: The Movie viewers. The nation followed by the United States, Turkey, Brazil and Japan.

In a three-star review, NME’s Rhian Daly said that movie ” is only a must-see for avid BLINKs”, but noted that it was “heartwarming to watch the members’ bond grow over their careers”.

“For casual fans looking to get a deeper understanding of the group, T

he Movie is probably not an ideal resource,” she added. “It moves quickly through the details of the last five years of their existence, setting up brief glimpses at their achievements but mostly focuses on performance footage and the ladies’ relationship with their fans.”

The film is a part of the group’s ‘4+1 PROJECT’ in celebration of the group’s fifth debut anniversary. Other offerings from the anniversary project include a pop-up exhibition, a custom-made island on the popular Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons and more.