MATTY BLAG 1964-2000

Frontman of politico agit pop band dies of suspected drug overdose...

Former Blaggers ITA Matty Blag – real name MATTHEW ROBERTS – died of a suspected drug overdose last Tuesday (February 22). He was 36.

Blaggers ITA rose to fame in the mid-90s and were well-known for their strong anti-fascist messages.

They played a blend of punk rock and rap music and often took part in Anti Facist Action rallies and advocated direct action against far-right organisations.


In fact, Matty famously beat up a Melody Maker journalist who, during an interview, kept telling Matty that people who beat up fascists were as bad as fascists themselves.

Blaggers reached the outer reaches of the charts on a number of occasions, but probably their best-known record was ‘Abandon Ship’, which reached 48 when released through their then label Parlophone in January 1994.

A memorial service was held for Matty in his home town of Oswestry, Shrophshire, yesterday (March 7).

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