Bless the rains! Burger King to play Toto’s ‘Africa’ all day at London restaurant

*Head down immediately*.

Burger King have announced that they will play Toto’s ‘Africa’ for the whole of today at one London restaurant.

Customers at the fast food giant’s restaurant in North London’s Camden Town will listen to the seminal track on loop, after a Twitter campaign attracted thousands of retweets.

“If this tweet gets 1000 RTs we’ll play Toto – Africa all day in one of our restaurants”, Burger King wrote on Twitter last Sunday.


Now, the campaign has attracted just shy of 6000 retweets and Burger King are staying true to their word.

“I bless the rains down in Camden Town, head to our restaurant there today if you want to sing along”, they wrote earlier this morning.

But while the campaign has attracted a huge online response, some have suggested that the joke could soon wear thin for Burger King workers.

“Don’t do that to your employees  listening to the same song on repeat all day is HORRIBLE”, one Twitter user wrote.


Another suggested: “Why not make it all restaurants and a yearly event to just have a day dedicated to africa by toto.”

Burger King’s apparent love of the song comes after the cult hit was transformed into an online meme.

Earlier this year, a dedicated Twitter account named @WeezerAfrica began campaigning for Weezer to cover the track.

The band eventually responded to the account, fulfilling half of the fan’s request.

However, instead of covering the 1982 hit ‘Africa’ as requested, Rivers Cuomo and co. covered Toto’s ‘Rosanna’ instead.

They eventually fulfilled the request in May, posting their cover on Spotify.

Toto then took the joke full circle – covering Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe’ in return.

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