Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus attends Prime Minister’s Questions

Pop punk singer also gave his verdict on UK politics and NHS reform

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus dropped in on Prime Minister’s Questions last week, and has given his views on the state of British politics.

In an interview with ‘Pienaar’s Politics’ on BBC Radio 5 Live, Hoppus, who has been invited to judge a House Of Commons Battle Of The Bands competition, defended the NHS, saying it was better than any healthcare he’s seen in his native USA.

“We’ve been living here [in the UK] since August and we’ve had a few occasions to go to the NHS and it’s a far superior experience here than it is dealing with the bureaucracy of medicine in the United States,” he said.

He added:

The waiting times here that I’ve experienced at the local clinics in the UK have been far shorter than the waiting times in the United States. We’ve been commenting to our friends that the US needs to look over here and take some cues from what you guys are doing over here.

He went on to give his verdict on Ed Miliband and said that the Labour leader complained a lot, stating: “I think he was in a natural underdog position, so their whole job is just to try and make the party in power look bad at any cost. It seemed like everything was a problem with him and nothing was right and he just seemed to complain a lot.”

Blink-182 released their last studio album, ‘Neighborhoods’, in September last year, and revealed last month that they are already plotting its follow-up. Yesterday (February 13), meanwhile, the band’s co-frontman Tom DeLonge revealed to NME.COM that he is currently working on three new film projects.