Blink-182′: ‘There was no album we could release that people were going to love’ – video

Co-frontman says the band weren't even sure people 'would care at all' about their reformation

Blink-182 co-frontman Mark Hoppus has said that the band were aware during the recording of their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ that they couldn’t create something all their fans “were going to love”.

The pop punk trio reunited in 2009 after four years apart and released their first album for eight years in September. Speaking to NME in a video which you can see by scrolling up to the top of your page and clicking, Hoppus said the band did their best to put any pressure they might be feeling from fans’ expectations out of their heads when they were recording.

He said: “We had to make a conscious effort to not feel the pressure. I mean we knew that there was nothing that we could put out that people were going to love.”


He continued: “It’s been eight years, the band broke up and then reformed, we just had to make a record that we love. Some people were going to say ‘That wasn’t worth eight years’ and some are going to love it.”

The bassist also said that the band were actually unsure that anyone would care that they had reformed at all, as they had been away for so long.

He said:

When we got the band back together, we had no idea if people would care at all. But the tours we’ve done have been the biggest we’ve ever done and we like ‘Oh fuck, people actually really care about our band’.

Hoppus, in a separate interview, which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, also said that the band had plans to release another album.

He added: “We’re definitely going to keep going. We’re definitely going to make another album. We’re definitely going to continue to tour. We’re definitely going to keep working on other things, but it all comes back to Blink and helps the whole. It’s like a marriage where your wife says she’s OK with you fucking super hot chicks as long as you spend the night at home.”

Blink-182 tour the UK next summer, with a number of high profile festival appearances rumoured to be part of the tour.


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