Blink-182: ‘There are prog rock songs on ‘Neighborhoods’

Tom DeLonge says the band's new album has a 'diverse palette'

Blink-182 have revealed that their seventh studio album ‘Neighborhoods’ will be an extremely diverse LP, with guitarist Tom DeLonge even suggesting that there will be “prog rock” songs on the record.

Speaking to Jam Showbiz, the band have said that ‘Neighborhoods’, which is the pop punk trio’s first since their 2003 self titled album, will contain some “madly different and experimental” moments too.

DeLonge said:

There’s a lot of new elements. We have these songs that are total throwbacks, exactly what people would know of what Blink is. But then we have these songs that are madly different and experimental. And then we have songs that are like prog- rock Blink. So I really think that we have a tremendous, diverse palette on this. And what’s really cool too is because of the way it was recorded, all the songs sound so different from each other.

The guitarist also revealed that the trio have enjoyed playing their early material again, saying of it:

It transports you back to a time when you just had so much angst and you need to change things up in your young adult life or teenage life and that’s the best thing about this band: It’s like eternal youth.

Mark Hoppus also spoke about the band’s reconnection, admitting that it wasn’t an instant thing and it took time for the band to work up the courage to go back into the studio together.

He said of how long it’s taken the band to record again:

It took a while to get to that point. It took, first of all, reconnecting as friends after not having spoken for about five years and then it took getting back into the studio, as well as getting back out on the road. After not really having worked together or even been friends for a few years, it took a couple of months to kind of find that this is how it all works.

The band will release ‘Neighborhoods’ on September 26, with its lead-off single ‘Up All Night’ available now.

They tour the UK next summer, after pushing back their dates by a full year to complete work on the album. They are currently touring North America with My Chemical Romance.