Blink-182 have chosen the title for their new album

Pop punk trio reveal the album is days away from being ready

Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus has revealed that the band have chosen a title for their new album, but have declined to say what it is.

Taking part in a question and answer session with fans on his Facebook page, the singer also explained that the band’s first LP since their self-titled album in 2003 is just days away from being ready.

Hoppus wrote: “The bass and drums on the album are done, as are most of the guitars and lead vocals. We’re finishing the recording with percussion, some more background vocals, keys and random fixes here and there.”

He continued: “The finish line is approaching. We’ve chosen an album title, started working on artwork, moving into mixing, and getting ready for tour rehearsals.”

“The single is due to be delivered to the label in a week, and soon after that it will be released. The full album is due in a month, and will be released a few weeks later.”

Blink-182 tour North America this summer with My Chemical Romance.