Blink-182: ‘The air was so thick around us you could cut it with a knife’

Travis Barker also speaks about the band reconnecting after his 2008 plane crash

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has spoken about the acrimonous way in which the band split up in 2005.

The band, who released ‘Neighborhoods’, their first new album for eight years, last month, split in 2005 after guitarist Tom DeLonge quit and Barker has now revealed that they were at each others’ throats for months before DeLonge announced his departure.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the drummer blamed tour burnout, saying: “You’re playing shows every day and you’re doing tour after tour like we were 10 years ago, and there’s no communication. Everyone’s burnt. The air was so thick around us back in the day you could cut it with a knife. It was so bad right before we broke up.”


The drummer also said that, after Mark Hoppus and DeLonge came to visit him in the days after his 2008 plane crash, they reconnected instantly, despite having not spoken for some time.

He added:

When we look back now, after my crash when Tom and Mark finally came to my house, about 30 seconds went by and Tom and Mark are telling dick jokes. It’s like, ‘Look, you dickheads didn’t talk to each other for six years and now everything’s completely fine.’ You realise how petty some of the shit was we were all fighting over.

Asked if Hoppus and DeLonge had been able to rebuild their close friendship after the acrimony of the band’s break up, Barker replied that though he’d never seen anyone as close as Hoppus and DeLonge once were, relations were still pretty good.

He said:

Well, those two were like husband and wife back in the day. I’d always tell them that I’d never seen two males that weren’t homosexual so close. And no diss to homosexual people. I like heterosexual people, homosexual people, whatever. But I’d never seen two friends so close or anything like how Mark and Tom were. I always played the middle between them. And I still do. I’m really close to Mark and I’m really close to Tom. It’s like a couple, but there’s three of us.

Blink-182 tour the UK next summer.