Blink-182: ‘We’d rather have stayed broken up than done a sloppy record’

Band say their reunion has 'a rightness' about it

Blink-182 have said that they would have rather stayed split up than produced a record they were not proud of.

The band released their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ on Monday (September 26), their first album since they reformed after their split in 2005 and have said that recording new material was always going to be part of the plan, but added that they would have sooner not played together at all rather than release a bad record.

Co-frontman Mark Hoppus said of the band’s initial feelings when they reformed: “The most certain thing to me was if we got back together and wrote another record, we needed to do something great. I didn’t want us to write another album and it be sloppy. I’d rather just have left it broken up than come back and do something shitty.”


Hoppus also spoke about the band’s feelings about their reformation, asked by Kerrang! if he still felt hurt by the original split, he replied:

It’s been replaced with a sense of wholeness. Not completion, because I don’t feel we’re anywhere near complete at all. But there’s a rightness about what we’re doing.

‘Neighborhoods’ was released yesterday (September 26). Blink-182 tour the UK next summer.

The band are currently streaming ‘Neighborhoods’ in full at

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