Blink-182 stream new album ‘Neighborhoods’ online in full

Mark Hoppus also tells NME that the deluxe edition of the band's new album is the one to buy

Blink-182 are streaming their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ online in full.

The album was formally released yesterday (September 26), but can be heard in full by heading to

The band’s co-frontman Mark Hoppus has also spoken about the recording of the album and has said that the band have made sure there are no “lame songs” on the record.


The LP has been released in two separate editions, one with a standard 10 tracks and a deluxe edition with 13 tracks on it. But Hoppus has said that he believes the 13-track edition is the record as “it should be heard” and that no song has been added just for the sake of it.

Speaking to NME, the bassist responded to a question about the difference between the two editions by saying: “Even the bonus tracks on this album to me feel like they’re part of the record. The deluxe edition is the record as it should be heard. I don’t feel like we had ten songs that were good and three songs that we threw on as some kind of lame B-side bonus thing. That’s why we re-sequenced the record using those additional songs, because to us they’re very much part of the record.”

Asked why the band hadn’t just released a 13-track album, the bassist responded by saying that it was “standard practice” for bands to offer up two editions of their new album.

He said:

I think it’s pretty much standard practice now to have a standard and deluxe edition. I think some people are only mildly interested in a band and might only want the standard edition and some are more hardcore fans and will want the B-sides. But, I don’t think any of these are B-sides.

Hoppus also spoke about the making of the album, revealing that there were five songs that didn’t make the cut for the LP.

Asked how many tracks had been considered for ‘Neighborhoods’, Hoppus replied: “We probably had 20 songs total, there are about 5 songs that we started working on that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another.”


‘Neighborhoods’ was realeased yesterday (September 26). Blink-182 tour the UK next summer.

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