Blink-182: ‘There are going to be some people who think ‘Neighborhoods’ sucks’

Band say they are conscious that they can't please everybody with their new LP

Blink-182 have said that they are unfazed by the massive expectations surrounding the release of their new album ‘Neighborhoods’ and that they are conscious that not all of their fans will be happy with what they hear.

Speaking to Alternative Press, bassist Mark Hoppus said that though the band were aware that expectations were large, they were prepared not to appease everyone.

He said of ‘Neighborhoods’, which is released a week today (September 26): “I’m very proud of the record as a whole. Expectations are giant for this album and that’s a huge honour. People are excited about our band even after eight years of not having a new CD. That said, there are going to be some people who are like ‘This record sucks’.”


Hoppus added that though he was aware that some of the band’s fanbase wanted a return to the straight forward pop punk of their early years, he is confident that the band have done “their own thing.”

He added:

There are some people out there that just want ‘What’s My Age Again?’ Blink-182 in Dickies shorts and Hurley T-shirts, running around just being silly and screaming and whatever. We have always tried to keep our heads down and do our own thing.

The singer also spoke about the band’s relaxed attitude to the fact that they will inevitably disappoint some people. He added: “You know what? We can’t please everybody and the only people you can please as artists are yourselves, because you can’t guess what other people are going to like.”

To read a new interview with Mark Hoppus, pick up this week’s issue of NME which is on UK newsstands now (September 19) or available digitally.

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