Blink-182 joke about ‘going down’ on Barack Obama at Leeds Festival

Trio bring the toilet and sex humour to headline show

Blink-182 headlined Leeds Festival tonight (August 28), and joked about wanting to fellate US president Barack Obama and torture Jedward‘s genitals.

The San Diego pop-punks played hits including ‘All The Small Things’ and ‘What’s My Age Again?’, making sweary jokes and comments throughout their Main Stage set.

They attracted a huge crowd, with singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge praising the audience after opener ‘Dumpweed’. “This show hasn’t happened yet,” he said, “but I’m going to go on record and say that Leeds is going to kick the shit out of Reading.”


From there the toilet and sex humour was amped up, with DeLonge mock-mishearing his bandmate Mark Hoppus‘ stage chat, querying, “You want to fuck your own father?”

The pair also belched repeatedly into their microphones at various points in the set.

Drummer Travis Barker was wearing a white vest with ‘RIP DJ AM‘ on it, referencing the late DJ he used to collaborate with, who died last year. “You guys like drums?” Hoppus said, introducing a drum solo. “Watch this shit.”

Before ‘Stay Together For The Kids’, DeLonge urged the crowd to “take your pants off, my dad’s going to be here in 10 minutes, so take your pants off please”. Then, jibing Hoppus, he said: “You drink warm piss for breakfast.”

He yelled the phrase “blowjob” before playing ‘First Date’, then simply yelled “cunt shit fuck fuck” before ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Lyrics for ‘All The Small Things’, meanwhile, were changed from “She left me roses on the stairs” to “She gave me blowjobs on the stairs“.

After that track DeLonge referenced Jedward, who recently covered the song. “Travis is pissed and he wants a duel,” he said. “We had a meeting and decided we wanted to put their trunks and balls in our mouths and grind them.”


The banter then continued, with Hoppus thanking the audience for applause, saying: “We are Mark Hoppus and the other two guys.” DeLonge responded with: “Do you guys know about autism? Mark is like Rain Man.”

Then, during ‘Anthem Part Two’, he said: “I’m going to go down on Barack Obama.”

The band ended the show with an encore, kicked off by Barker playing an epic solo on a rotating drum riser. DeLonge unleashed a further stream of expletives as the song ended, simply repeating the words “cunt”, “fuck” and “shit”.

They now head to Reading to headline the festival tomorrow.

Blink-182 played:

‘Feeling This’
‘The Rock Show’
‘What’s My Age Again?’
‘I Miss You’
‘Stay Together For The Kids’
‘Stockholm Syndrome’
‘First Date’
‘Man Overboard’
‘Don’t Leave Me’
‘Not Now’
‘All The Small Things’
‘Reckless Abandon’
‘Anthem Part Two’

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