Blink-182’s Travis Barker is making music with ‘Legend’ Andre 3000

Pair were hanging out at Coachella last weekend

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is preparing to make music with Andre 3000.

Barker shared an image of himself with the Outkast rapper on Instagram over the weekend with the pair photographed together at Coachella. The drummer captioned the picture: “Gonna make music very soon with this legend.”

It is not clear what capacity this music will fall under. Andre 3000 is believed to be working on a solo album, with comedian Chris Rock recently claiming he and Jack White will both feature on it. However, Barker also makes music as a solo artist while Blink-182 have a new album out later this year.

See Travis Barker and Andre 3000 together at Coachella below:

Gonna make music very soon with this legend #Andre3000 #Coachella #Radtimes @lucaizzo

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Speaking to NME about the current Blink-182 line-up, which features Matt Skiba as replacement for the new-departed Tom DeLonge, Barker painted a positive picture for fans.

“Matt’s killing it,” the drummer said in a 2015 interview. “He’s fun to play with and write with. We’re just getting started but I think we’ve got, like, four or five songs right now that I’m really, really happy with. There’s a song called ‘Punk Rock Cliché’, which I love the most right now. It’s about friends of ours and their relationships.”

Skiba joined the group after frontman Tom DeLonge parted ways with the band. Mark Hoppus and bandmate Barker announced their split when the singer allegedly refused to enter the studio and record a new album with them. Barker has also alleged that DeLonge wanted to “make the band sound like Coldplay”.