Blink-182 announce new material details

Tom DeLonge unveils new single set for release ahead of world tour

Blink-182 are close to completing their first song since the punk pop trio went on a hiatus in 2005.

The band are currently finishing off new track ‘Up All Night’, which they’re planning to complete in time for the start of their US tour, which kicks off on July 23 in Las Vegas.

Guitarist Tom DeLonge said: “It’s got a little bit of (Pink) Floyd, a little bit of Rush, a little bit of Blink in there. It’s crazy, but it somehow sounds exactly like where we left off (in 2005). It’s an amazing song.”


DeLonge also revealed that the track will be finished when Travis Barker, who was involved in an aeroplane crash that hospitalised him in September last year, completes his drum parts.

No release date has been set but the band are hoping to debut the track on tour, reports Billboard.

The news confirms bassist Mark Hoppus’ recent comments that their comeback single will not be entitled ‘Reborn’, contrary to internet rumours.

The band are also hoping to get to work on a new album, but plans for their forthcoming tour have put it on hold.

“Everyone’s trying to play catch-up right now and really nail this tour to be the best it can be and get everything ready, so there’s no studio time right now,” DeLonge added.

“Everyone’s so busy just trying to make this thing happen, I think.”