(+44) reveal song about Blink-182’s break up

Track reveals ‘conspiracy’

Blink-182 spin-off group (+44) have confirmed that new song ’No It Isn’t’is about the end of their old band.

Speaking following their second ever gig – in London on September 19 – drummer Travis Barker said the track from their debut album ’When Your Heart Stops Beating’, deals with the demise of his former band.

He said: “That song is absolutely about the end of Blink-182. It was a classic case of something bad happening and everyone around you not telling you what the deal was.


“Like the owner of your record label telling you, ‘Oh, everything is going to be fine. Any press you do, Travis, make sure you say everything is cool!’ And it turns out the same dude is part of the conspiracy of Tom (DeLonge) quitting Blink.

He added that the it was forces outside the band who suggested they did not initally confirm the split.

“The only reason we were being cool and calling it an ‘indefinite hiatus’ is because that’s what this dork at the head of our record label was telling us,” he explained. “So that’s when you find out that everyone was conspiring against you. That makes you go, ‘Fuck you. Here’s a song about the real deal.'”

Speaking to MTV Barker explained: “‘No It Isn’t’ is about coming out a year later and telling the truth. About being like, ‘Yeah, we were on our way to go play a tsunami benefit (Music for Relief: Rebuilding South Asia)’, and Tom didn’t call, but his manager did, and he said that Tom couldn’t contain his shit long enough to play a song for people who were suffering, which was pretty sad to me.

“And obviously we weren’t going to say anything bad about him while we were recording our record, but now that it’s done, we are gonna talk about it. For a year, people were saying that what Tom did was valid or called for. It eats at you. So maybe you have to talk about it, and maybe you have to write a song about it.”

’When Your Heart Stops Beating’ is due to be released on November 13.

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