Drummer Travis Barker invests in two Rottweilers and a selection of knives and guns to tackle the problem...

BLINK-182 have been targeted by a deranged stalker, NME.COM can reveal.

The stalker has singled out drummer Travis Barker, who told NME.COM he now carries a gun to protect himself. Letters from the stalker revealed that Barker had been under close watch by the culprit.

Blink-182 release their new album, ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’, on June 11, with the single ‘The Rock Show’ out on July 2.

Speaking to NME.COM, Barker said: “I had a stalker that broke into my house and left a letter in each room. The first one said, ‘I’m watching you, you’d better lock your doors.’ Then I go into my master bedroom and my back door is open and a note says, ‘PS Lock your doors’. She’d opened every door in my house. I had them alarmed, I don’t know how this person did it, it was creepy. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. They’d say stuff like, ‘I love you’, talking about how I drive and where I went today. I couldn’t pinpoint who it was, so I decided to invest in cameras.”

The drummer has also invested in two Rottweilers and guns to protect his family. He said: “Now if someone comes into my house they’re gonna be sorry. I never liked guns before, but now I have knives, guns, even two 140lb Rottweilers. If someone breaks in and I’m there by myself, then I’ll dook it out with them, whatever, but knowing that my girlfriend’s there and I’m gone on tour, that gives me the creeps. I’m really close to all the police where I live, so I have, like, a no trespassing thing. If you set foot on my property and I don’t know you, you’ll get arrested, you have no explanation. And I have a concealed weapons permit, so I can carry a gun with me. That’s nice, y’know? It makes you feel safe.”

The interview with Blink-182 will appear in full in next week’s NME (June 9 issue), on sale June 5 in London and June 6 nationwide.