Watch Matt Skiba sing on a new Blink-182 song

Alkaline Trio man is recording new album with band following Tom DeLonge's departure

Mark Hoppus has shared footage of Blink-182 working on their new album in the studio, uploading a video of new member Matt Skiba recording vocals for a track.

The band are in the studio with Skiba, also known for his work in Alkaline Trio, who joined the band following original co-frontman Tom DeLonge’s departure.

Having recently shared clips of Travis Barker playing drums, Hoppus has now uploaded a snippet of what appears to be a new track.

Watch Skiba recording vocals for the album below.

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Last month (January 27) Hoppus revealed that the band are working on their new album with producer John Feldmann, best known for his work with All Time Low and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Feldmann is also the lead singer and guitarist of the band Goldfinger but has become one of the biggest producers in pop-punk, producing and co-writing on both 5 Seconds of Summer albums as well as holding production credits for bands such as Panic! At The Disco, The Used, Sleeping with Sirens, We Are The In Crowd, Black Veil Brides and Atreyu.

Skiba joined the group after frontman Tom DeLonge parted ways with the band. Mark Hoppus and bandmate Barker announced their split when the singer allegedly refused to enter the studio and record a new album with them.

Speaking to NME about the band’s current line-up, Barker painted a positive picture for fans. “Matt’s killing it,” the drummer said in a 2015 interview. “He’s fun to play with and write with. We’re just getting started but I think we’ve got, like, four or five songs right now that I’m really, really happy with. There’s a song called ‘Punk Rock Cliché’, which I love the most right now. It’s about friends of ours and their relationships.”


Asked how the new material is sounding, Barker admitted some things have obviously changed with DeLonge no longer in the band.

“They sound different but still the same,” the drummer said of the new music. “Obviously, it’s Matt Skiba singing so there’s hints of Alkaline Trio, or at least Matt’s contributions to Alkaline Trio, mixed with my drumming and Mark’s voice and stuff. It’s really cool and I really love what we’ve done so far.”

“The goal here is to come up with an album and just write,” he added. “We don’t put a limit on how many songs we’re gonna write. [We just] write a bunch of songs and when we feel like there’s an album ready, there’s an album ready. You know, no pressure, no deadlines.”

Tom DeLonge told NME that he still wants Blink-182 to be part of his life – yet he currently needs time to focus on his other projects, including solo material, work with his band Angels & Airwaves, novels and a live action film.