Tom DeLonge says he still wants Blink-182 to be part of his life

The co-frontman quit the band earlier this year and tells NME he hasn't spoken to Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker since leaving

Ex-Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge has told NME that he still wants the band to be part of his life – yet he currently needs time to focus on his other projects, including solo material, work with his band Angels & Airwaves, novels and a live action film.

Speaking to NME, he commented: “I loved that band, I started that band. That’s me. I named the band – that shit came from me. [Being in Blink] cannot be the only thing in my life, or can it be the absolute priority. But can it be a part of my life? Absolutely. I love that band. I could not do anything that I’m doing now without the fans of that band. If I did not have the fans of Blink, I would not exist.”

Asked if he would rejoin were Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker to invite him back, he stated: “No, no, it’s much more complex than that. It has to map up with everybody’s life. I think if all the roads that we’re travelling connect at the same intersection, which is usually a location and a date, then we’re good.”


He also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his former bandmates since he left the group earlier this year. “We haven’t spoken since all that shit’s gone down – but that’s not un-normal,” he commented. “The Rolling Stones would go three years without talking to each other, then Mick and Keith would be hugging and saying, ‘Fuck I missed you’. It’s just how it works.”

Speaking about a possible reconciliation with the band, DeLonge explained: “For me it’s always a scheduling thing. At this period of my life, I have these 10 things that I’m doing. And the 10 things are very important to me and what I’m very passionate about right now – but I did this band thing for 25 years, so, give me a second, y’know! It’s hard to be in a band because everyone’s got different lives and priorities and if they don’t match up, people get really angry and people get hurt and people get suspicious and that’s myself included. That difficulty is what makes bands have an edge and have something to say. That’s why Blink-182 works. If we were all hunky dory, it wouldn’t be the same.”

DeLonge will release the Angels & Airwaves EP ‘…Of Nightmares’ on September 4 and the accompanying Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares novel on October 6, the first of a planned trilogy.

Earlier this year, DeLonge’s former bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus announced their split from Tom DeLonge when the singer allegedly refused to enter the studio and record a new album with them. The pair later claimed that they’re going through a “friendly divorce” with the exiled musician.

Hoppus and Barker have replaced DeLonge with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba and announced plans to record new material with the new-look line-up. Travis Barker called the band’s first live performances without DeLonge “a great feeling”.

Earlier this year DeLonge revealed plans to release four albums and publish 15 novels.