Former Blink-182 frontman Tom Delonge describes record label To The Stars as a “new adventure”

Singer plots "audio-visual landscapes" and a flagship retail store in California

Former Blink-182 member Tom Delonge has discussed plans for his “new adventure”, a record label named To The Stars.

The singer, who has left Blink-182 “indefinitely”, is working with “concept artists, writers, illustrators and animators” and intends to open a flagship store in southern California.

In a statement published on To the Stars’ website, Delonge wrote: “I proudly want to welcome you to my new adventure To The Stars…! Here at our new headquarters in Encinitas, CA, we aim to create a great experience that pulls you into new worlds that live across music, books and film.”


He continued: “We have some major things happening as we speak, with multiple exciting stories and characters in development. Locally and across the globe, we have concept artists, writers, illustrators and animators working hard to bring these epic adventures to life. My goal is to create massive audio-visual landscapes that are driven by the concepts and ideas I’m most passionate about for you to enjoy.”

Delonge recently revealed new song ‘Circle-Jerk-Pit’, which featured on solo album ‘To The Stars… Demos, Odds And Ends’ earlier this year.

Blink-182 Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus split from DeLonge after the singer allegedly refused to enter the studio and record a new album with them.

Following a statement from Hoppus and Barker asserting DeLonge had quit the band “indefinitely”, DeLonge denied the story.

DeLonge then revealed plans to release four albums and publish 15 novels this year.

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