Blink-182 are planning to tour Europe by boat to avoid flying

The group are hoping to complete their tour without flights

Blink-182 are planning to tour Europe by boat because one of their members suffers from flight anxiety.

Drummer Travis Barker has been unable to travel with the band after a plane crash in 2008 resulted in him developing a fear of flying.

Speaking about their hopes to overcome Travis’ fear of flying, Mark Hoppus said: “We are looking into it. Hopefully we can make it work. Travis is looking into the possibility of taking a boat from LA, which is a very long trip.”


Travis said he is willing to take a boat to reach the UK and prefers to travel by bus whenever possible, despite the long journey times.


“I take a tour bus everywhere when we’re in the States, but if we’re going to do a tour of Europe then I take the Queen Mary boat across to the UK,” he told the Daily Star.

“I’m on a bus for six days, travelling from LA to New York, and then I’m spending eleven days on a boat.”

Blink-182 recently released their new album ‘California’. NME’s Charlotte Gunn gave the record a 3 out 5 rating, writing: “‘California’ is too long, but has the humour, pace, emotion and huge choruses of a classic Blink record.”