Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge discusses plans for punk trio’s new album

He's said they won't be recording their seventh LP in a normal studio

Blink-182‘s Tom DeLonge has discussed plans for the band’s new album.

Speaking to Gigwise, DeLonge revealed that the trio would not be recording the LP in a ‘normal studio’, similar to the process behind their 2003 album ‘Untitled’. “I’m not totally sure how it’s going to work but the goal is to find an area or an environment that’s different and not just a normal studio,” he commented.

“I think if we can pull off those few things we’ll be in really really good shape. We’ve always done what we liked, and on the ‘Untitled’ record there was a lot of debate where we thought our fans wouldn’t even like it, but I think we succeeded by sticking to what we wanted to do, and it turned out to be the one that the fans like the most.”

DeLonge recently released his new album with Angels & Airwaves, ‘The Dream Walker’. After headlining Reading & Leeds in the summer, Blink-182 stated that they were ready to record a new LP. The record in question will be the band’s seventh studio effort, following on from 2011’s ‘Neighborhoods’. It’ll be the group’s first full-length since parting with long-term label Interscope.

DeLonge recently drew criticism for comparing music streaming to killing elephants. Speaking to Faster Louder, DeLonge said: “I tell people condoning streaming is like condoning the Chinese that are killing elephants for their tusks and carving ivory statues.

“It’s cool to put on your shelf but if you really think about what you’re doing it sucks. Streaming music is doing the same thing to artists – might not be killing ’em but it’s killing the industry. It might be cool for you as somebody that likes music but you’re not really thinking about the effect it has. We’ve got to value our art, you know?”